Volunteering Program

Please visit the Palestinian Medical Relief Society Volunteers group on Facebook.

A vast majority of PMRS’ work relies on the help of local and international volunteers. PMRS works with approximately 40,000 volunteers, 3,500 of whom are health professionals, in order to accomplish nearly 50% of its work.


General Volunteers
PMRS has a great need for general international volunteers. Since the beginning of the current Intifada in September 2000, Israel has implemented a strict internal closure, isolating towns and villages throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israeli checkpoints and fences generally make it impossible for people to leave their villages, even to receive medical assistance. Because of the complete restriction on movement, PMRS’ outreach activities, such as its mobile clinics become vital in providing communities with the medical assistance they need. However, mobile clinics and ambulances are also often prevented from crossing checkpoints and entering villages. International volunteers provide an important service by conducting their university field work or research with PMRS, providing various professional services, or in allowing mobile emergency teams to access villages and areas cut off by Israeli siege. We have found that simply by riding along with our mobile clinics and ambulances, international volunteers often facilitate the passage of our emergency vehicles to isolated areas otherwise impossible to reach. Individuals from all walks of life, professionals or students in the fields of public health, social work are welcome to apply for volunteering opportunities with PMRS.

Medical Volunteers
International medical volunteers have provided a great service for the Palestinian people in recent years. PMRS works with foreign medical and volunteers who travel with PMRS' mobile clinic teams or work in our clinics providing vital help for Palestinian communities. Medical professionals with all speciaities would be great service to our organization; however, we have a particular need for:

- Pediatric Cardiologists
- Pediatric Surgeons
- ENT Specialists
- Neurologists
- Obstetricians and Gynecologists (female doctors and nurses)
- Rheumatologists/ Dermatologists

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with PMRS or receiving general information on our Volunteering Program, please contact us at volunteering@pmrs.ps or amineh@pmrs.ps.


Please send a CV and cover letter to the email addresses listed above.